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Precious metals have long been identifi ed by hallmarks – stamps that prove their authenticity and value. Truly rare cars can be identifi ed by hallmarks of their own: in this case, bespoke Mulliner craftsmanship. The Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner is limited to a production run of just 50 handcrafted cars, making each one as rare and sought-after as the elements that inspired its creation. Available in a choice of two striking specifi cations – Gold or Silver – it pairs the Mulsanne’s celebrated design DNA with exclusive details designed and crafted by Mulliner. As Bentley’s personal commissioning division, Mulliner has long been responsible for some of the company’s most remarkable cars. Today, it delivers the ultimate in personalisation. The craftsmanship of Mulliner’s specialists represents the pinnacle of Bentley luxury. Cars in the Hallmark Series can be commissioned with the classic body of the Mulsanne or Mulsanne Speed. For even greater emphasis on rear-seat luxury, a car can also be based on the supremely spacious Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. Exquisite in the extreme, the Mulsanne Hallmark Series represents a glittering addition to the Mulsanne range – and a collector’s item in waiting. To learn more about commissioning a car from the Mulsanne Hallmark Series, please contact your Bentley Retailer today.


Metallic styling details have been carefully woven into the sleek exterior of the Mulsanne Hallmark Series, which can be commissioned in a single colour or duotonefi nish. The car can be confi gured with the beautifully intricate new Serenity grille or the Mulsanne’s traditional vertical vanes – while a hand-painted fi ne line runs the length of the car’s profi le, in either silver or gold. Wheels can be chosen from the entire range available for the Mulsanne, while the crowning glory sits atop the bonnet: a retractable Bentley Flying ‘B’, crafted in either 23.9-carat gold plate or solid silver, the latter bearing Bentley’s own hallmark. And whether you opt for silver or gold, the words ‘Commissioned by Mulliner’ can be seen, inscribed on the plinth.


On entry to the car, the eye is drawn to an illuminated treadplate bearing the word ‘Hallmark’ and a stainless steel plaque engraved with the words ‘1 of 50’. Once inside, there is nothing to compare with the handcrafted details on display throughout the cabin. The metallic theme continues in glorious gold or silver, with gleaming accents including veneer inlays, embroidery and piping. On the fascia, the word ‘Mulliner’ is displayed subtly, in either silver or gold. Inside the glove compartment and the stowage areas in the centre console, Mulliner’s Hidden Delights await – striking leather linings inspired by the silks used inside Savile Row suits. In the Mulsanne Hallmark Series, these linings are gold or silver, for an extra sense of the unexpected. A bespoke leather colour split is accompanied by hand-painted veneers, and Alcantara throw cushions complement the cabin’s secondary hide.

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